Cosmetic Dentistry: How Dental Lasers Work to Whiten Teeth?

Bagaimana cara laser memutihkan gigi?

Regency Dental of Stuart

Every day, we are bombarded by tons ads and infomercials about toothpaste and teeth whitening agents. People go to the dentist to whiten their teeth so that they may be able to flash their killer smiles. The traditional way of whitening teeth is by soaking them is hydrogen peroxide solution of other chemicals that removes stains and bleaches the teeth. But as it has been said, that is the traditional way. The most recent breakthrough in teeth whitening is through the use of lasers. With the use of lasers, the teeth whitening process is done in a quick and pain-free manner.

Technically, lasers are a concentrated beam of light that carries with it high amount of light energy. The laser beam is so narrow and the energy is highly concentrated and those are the reasons why lasers can be used in whitening teeth.

How laser teeth whitening works:
• Scraping…

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